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kitchen-kapers-banner-our-recipes.pngChocolate Black Forrest Trifle


(Made in our Maxwell & Williams Diamante Trifle bowl)

2x Round Choc sponge
2x Whittakers Berry & Biscuit chocolate block 250g
2x Cream 500g (at room temperature)
1x Tbls Icing Sugar
1x tsp vanilla essence
4x Tins Boysenberries

Optional - Fresh Berries & Flake to garnish 


Break up Chocolate blocks into a microwave proof bowl & add approximately 250g of cream & microwave until chocolate is soft, stir until smooth. Remove from the microwave & slowly add the other 250g of cream into the chocolate whilst stirring until smooth. Then set aside.
Break up one half of the chocolate sponge & lay it neatly into the trifle bowl, then layer 1/2 of a tin of Boysenberries (including syrup) evenly over the sponge & then pour an even amount of your chocolate cream mixture over the boysenberries. Repeat the layering process 4X until there is none left.

Whip approximately 350g of cream, with 1xTblsp of icing sugar & 1tsp of vanilla essence until thick.
Cover the top layer with the whipped cream &  (optional) garnish with fresh berries & a flake.

Refridgerate for atleast 3 hours until set.










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