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Once upon a time, there was KitchenAid. Long ago Herbert Johnston stood and watched a baker mix bread dough with a heavy iron spoon. The Ohio-based engineer was convinced there had to be an easier way and set his skills to with. By 1919 the classic Stand Mixer was born, setting the standard for reliability, flawless performance and timeless design.

Today, the colourful KitchenAid range can be found in family homes across Australia, America and the United Kingdom. Whether it’s a Food Processor, Pasta Roller or Classic Stand Mixer where the story first began, there’s a reason they’ve been invited to join these families.

Their passion is for cooking, for fine food and how it celebrates a connection with our loved ones and our long-standing traditions. They know that a familiar smell, or taste, can instantly take us back in time to special moments we lived long ago. Whether it’s Grandma’s age-old carbonara or Dad’s grilled lamb rissoles on a summer’s barbecue, KitchenAid helped bring the meal to the table.

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