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Quick and Easy Bread and Butter Pudding

2 egg yolks per ½ cup of cream
2 dessert spoons of sugar
Dash of vanilla essence
1 slice raisin bread per ½ up of cream

Heat the cream just enough to dissolve the sugar – it cant be too hot as ypu need to next add the egg yolks and vanilla. Mix together. Chop the bread and place it in a buttered heatproof bowl. Then pour the cream mixture over the top.

Place bowl into the cooker and pour water around the outside until its 1/3 of the way up the bowl. Place the lid on and bring to pressure. Heat for 7 minutes.

Let cool, take out of cooker and sprinkle brown sugar on the top and grill or blow torch or add a liqueur and caramelize the top. If you don’t add the bread, you have crème brulee!


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